Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pre-July 4 Pull!! SCOOTER & INDY!!!

I was at the shelter, doing Moby and Rigby's Health Check and talked to the supervisor about how adoptions have been VERY slow.  She said that even rescuers aren't pulling to save lives these days, and with kitten season still in full swing, they have to face putting more animals to sleep.  :(  This breaks my heart.  Each time I have to go to the shelter, I do my homework and look at the Needs Rescue list, so that I am prepared, just in case.  So I asked to see this one kitten, who had a horrible intake picture.  It looked as if it was in a drain pipe, or something.  The shelter thought it was feral, and then they realized that it wasn't.  I was ready for something bad, but had to check.  Good thing that I did, as I reached in to the kitten, it hissed and then I picked it up and it was the cutest, most adorable fluffy thing, that I have seen.  I told the supervisor to process it and that I would pull it and rescue it.  Of course, I couldn't have him alone, so I looked for a buddy.  I pulled this friendly orange and white kitten.  Both tiny, both in need of being rescued.

I took them home, and fell in love.  Sorry I don't have any decent pics of the orange and white, but tons of the fluffy!  I named the fluffy, Scooter and orange and white, Indy, for Independence, since it was right before 4th of July.  They are doing great, playing and cuddling with each other.  They are now buds!

It's amazing to see what you get after you get home, look at this Angel, Scooter and now he's grown up and ready for adoption!!

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