Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ADOPTED by Marissa!! Foster Kittens for Marissa

My dear friend, Marissa and her family had once graciously fostered 4 kittens for me last year.  They loved doing it and in May, Marissa was ready for a new batch to foster.  Given so many kittens, I let her pick out the ones she wanted to foster.  We went back and forth at the Needs Rescue List and decided on these two.  They were shy and underweight.  The girl kitten hissed a tiny bit.  So I pulled them and now they are two bundles of Joy!  Moby is the Boy and Rigby is the Girl.  They are both gorgeous and have become so sweet and gentle.  They must have some Rag Doll in them, since they are so mellow.  They don't really "Meow," but they "Squeek."  It's so sweet!  They are now weighing over 2lbs each and are able to get spayed/neutered this week.  After that Marissa, has a big decision to make, to keep and adopt them, or to let me adopt them out.  They are just precious, the perfect pair!!

**Happy to announce that Marissa and her family have decided to keep the kittens!!! Yeah, they are the sweetest kittens!!  Congrats to Marissa and her family!!!

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