Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here are pictures of my recent KARE kittens that I have rescued.  They are part of the KARE program at the shelter, in which they go get check ups every 2 weeks, until they are 2lbs and then they can get fixed and get adopted.  They are all super cute and fluffy!  Elmo, Fossy, aka, Turbo and Lukas (named after Lucas who has passed away at the ranch) will be fixed this Friday and ready to be adopted!  They are fat little fluffies!


Then during the time that I was going back and forth for their health checks, I rescued this little one Pandora.  She is so adorable.  Just last week, she got sick and was really lethargic and wasn't eating.  My friends at Adobe Animal Hospital fixed her up and now she is feeling much better.  I need to take a new picture of her in all of her cuteness!

Then you have Puddy Tat!  Super cute, gray fuzzy kitten that just enjoys to cry out loud whenever he sees you.  Ughhh!  He is now rooming with Scooter, since Pandora got sick.  They seem to have fun together.  Puddy Tat and Pandora will be getting fixed soon, as they are still little.

7 kittens = BUSY!!

Tough life being rescued!!!

I almost forgot about CUBBY, how can I forget about his cuteness?  He's ready to be adopted!!

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