Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KITTENS ~ 3 Weeks Old!!

How cute are they? Just about 3 weeks old!!

It was a very hot day and even the kittens were hot, as you can see that they are all stretched out.

They usually sleep all piled up on top of each other, but not this day!

Kittens everywhere!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

JOLIE, Maine Coon Arrived on Saturday

JOLIE arrived on Saturday from up north.  She was an owner surrender, as her owner passed away.  She seems pretty depressed and sad.  It's hard to see her feel this way.  I hope that I will find her a FUR-ever home very soon, so she will learn that she is still loved and wanted.  She is very sweet, starving for attention.  She likes to head butt you!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Names!!

Since mommy is CADBURY, we needed Easter related names!!  Here are the names that Krista and coworkers decided on....THUMPER, HERSHEY, PEEPS, JELLY BEAN and FLOPPY!!  Pretty cute names Krista!!! ~thanks!


CADBURY and her babies are doing great, here are some pictures from Day 1 & Day 2.  Today, CADBURY got served breakfast in bed!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CADBURY - Gave Birth to 5 baby kittens last night!!

CADBURY gave birth to 5 adorable, little baby kittens last night.  Just after 10pm we heard the first little squeaky meow.  It took her just a little over an hour to pop out the rest.  She knew exactly what to do, it was amazing.  She is going to be the best Mama!!  Two orange and white tabby, one torbie tabby, and one dark gray tabby, and one gray tabby on white.  So exciting to observe...here they are....the morning after they have arrived...

Their first breakfast, all lined up...Good Job Cadbury!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

CADBURY - Pregnant 5 Year Old Female Maine Coon

As I left on Saturday, with two loaded cat carriers, I had to check out this kitty.  They told me she was pregnant and were possibly going to abort her babies.  Well, she is the sweetest kitty, so I put a hold on her and had them check with the supervisor to see if I could pull her.  On Sunday, I went back to pick up this gorgeous girl!!  She loves to kneed and make biscuits.  So happy that she is comfy, safe and warm, all ready to give birth to her kittens.  She has a quiet meow and is very delicate for the size of her.  CADBURY is going to make one great mommy and we (me and all the kitties) are looking forward to her having her babies.  Welcome CADBURY, you and your babies are now SAFE!!

LORELI - 4 Year Old, Female Maine Coon

LORELI was an owner surrender, as her senior citizen owner could not take care of her any more, so she ended back at the shelter, poor thing.  She was the shelter workers and volunteers favorite, as they begged me to rescue her.  She would not get adopted on the adoption floor, since she is so shy in the beginning.  The poor thing was scared.  So in the cat crate she goes....she is extremely sweet, loves to be petted and tells you by purring.  She is really a nice cat.  She would best be in a more quiet home.  She will be your lap cat!  LORELI is looking for her FUR-ever home!  Welcome LORELI, you are now SAFE!!

ADOPTED!! DENALI - 2 Year Old, Female, Maine Coon

 I just rescued three Maine Coons this weekend!  DENALI is a huge, gorgeous, female Maine Coon.  About 2 years old, and just stunning.  She was a stray and is now looking for her FUR-ever home.  She has a beautiful fur coat, and the minute you are near her, she starts to purr.  She wouldn't stay still for me to take pictures so this is what I got ...Welcome DENALI, you are now SAFE!!