Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Lucca is a Flame Point / Tortie Mix kitten that I saved at the high-kill shelter.  She was going to get put down for no hair on her ears, which could have meant that she had ring worm.  I rescued her and she ended up NOT having ring worm.  Just a week after she got spayed, she got adopted into a great, loving family.  Here is Lucca's update from adopter:

I/we just wanted to reconnect and give you a quick update on Lucca. We are loving her and she is seeming to (slowly) love us back.

First off she is indeed the sweet kitty you said she was! It's been almost 2 weeks now and she purrs the minute she see us and is very gentle when we hold her - and she loves to play. What has surprised me is to date she rarely meows or cry; which I thought for sure any kitty might do in the beginning. She now has a sweet collar and lots of new toys to play with. I've fed her a bit of wet food on my finger, held her lots, and she really seems very comfortable with our 3 year old who is loving having 'her own kitty'... it's really cute.
Every night she is between myself and my daughter for our bedtime stories, purring, and snuggled between us. Her personality is cat-like, but clearly a love and slowly she is getting to trust us more and more and know she has a home with us.

Thank you for match-making us... I'll most likely send you another update in a couple of months once she really has realized that she has the rome of the house for her home.

This is Lucca's intake picture and pictures with her new little girl!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For my birthday, I always like to rescue an animal.  Just a gift for myself to save a life.  Well this year, in July, I rescued two kittens, Patches and Smokey.  Both have been adopted.  I rescued a little long haired chi, named Huey, who with Kate's expertise and networking got adopted.  I was at the shelter every day from Thursday through Sunday.  I had my eye on these two little poodle mix puppies.  They were on the Needs Rescue List, and my heart broke when I saw them there.  I had to do something.  Since I normally rescue cats, dogs are more of a challenge for me.  I was there on Thursday with Kate and we looked at the puppies.  They were so scared to be there.  I learned about the process of intake of a dog.  From the counter to the cold cement kennel, with nothing to see but walls and only to hear the large dogs barking.  Very frightening for a 6 month old puppy.  Thank God the girls had each other.  When we went to go see them on Thursday, they were cowarding down and backing up into the corner.  We were able to bring them into the daylight and into a working area of the courtyard.  We let them walk around and they wanted nothing to do with the humans that were there.  The shelter supervisor said that sometimes, this makes them come around and warm up to people.  I took pictures and then posted on Facebook.  Luckily, my friend, Marissa shared the pictures and we worked the network.  In the mean time I went back on Friday and Saturday visiting the poodle mix puppies.  I had heard that there was a friend of friend that might be interested, her name is Maria.  Maria contacted me and we went to the shelter on Sunday, and brought home a puppy!  Real fun car ride home, the puppy peed on me, drooled all over me and finally threw up on me!  All the thanks for saving a puppy's life.  Puppy's name is Laniaki and is spoiled and has a friend, Lola.  She is in a great home with tons of love!  I found out later that her sister was also rescued!  Great birthday gifts to me!

Enjoy some pictures of Lanikai!  Thank you Maria for helping to save this little puppy's life!

Puppy's Intake Picture 

How cute are you both!!  

Which one do I pick?   

I think I chose you!!!  

New BFFs FUR-ever!!

After her first hair cut!  


Back in May/June, in preparation for Maddie's Fund, the rescue group that I was providing my kitties too was getting all the kitties vetted.  I gave them Bentley to adopt out.  After the vetting, they gave me Bentley back and said that they couldn't adopt him out, because he has Stomatitis.  What is that I asked.  They said that the only remedy was to pull out all his teeth.  How could this be, he's only 10 months old.  I then brought him to a nearby cat shelter that does teeth cleaning.  The doctor there, said the same thing.  I wasn't about to pull out all this kitten's teeth without doing more research.  So back home we go.  I eventually, brought him to Adobe Animal Hospital, after emailing the main kitty doctor, Dr. Boltz about his situation. She looked at him and told me that he has juvenal gingivitis and just needs teeth brushing and steroids.  Woooh!

During this visit, we met a summer intern named Michelle.  She is attending UC Davis.  She asked me questions about Bentley, as he looks just like one of her kitties that her grandmother had, that had just died recently.  I told her that Bentley is up for adoption.  She was going to check with her grandmother and let me know.  Days later, I received an email from Michelle, telling me that her grandmother wasn't ready, but that she was thinking of adopting Bentley.  This was music to my ears, as I have had Bentley since January.  I have grown to love this little guy, with all his little antics, his little grunts as he doesn't have a regular meow.  This was meant to be, as she is going to the best veterinary school in California and he can get the best care possible.  Michelle came by to visit Bentley before going off to France to go work at a cow farm and will be coming home end of September, where she will then bring Bentley up to Davis.  As I look at the date, he will be leaving me and going to his FUR-ever home in a week and a half.  Congrats Bentley, thanks for sharing your time with me.  I will miss you lots, but know that you will be in GREAT hands!

Here's a few pics of my cutie Bentley.  He has the best manners, truly a gentleman kitty! Love you Bentley!


Here are pictures of my recent KARE kittens that I have rescued.  They are part of the KARE program at the shelter, in which they go get check ups every 2 weeks, until they are 2lbs and then they can get fixed and get adopted.  They are all super cute and fluffy!  Elmo, Fossy, aka, Turbo and Lukas (named after Lucas who has passed away at the ranch) will be fixed this Friday and ready to be adopted!  They are fat little fluffies!


Then during the time that I was going back and forth for their health checks, I rescued this little one Pandora.  She is so adorable.  Just last week, she got sick and was really lethargic and wasn't eating.  My friends at Adobe Animal Hospital fixed her up and now she is feeling much better.  I need to take a new picture of her in all of her cuteness!

Then you have Puddy Tat!  Super cute, gray fuzzy kitten that just enjoys to cry out loud whenever he sees you.  Ughhh!  He is now rooming with Scooter, since Pandora got sick.  They seem to have fun together.  Puddy Tat and Pandora will be getting fixed soon, as they are still little.

7 kittens = BUSY!!

Tough life being rescued!!!

I almost forgot about CUBBY, how can I forget about his cuteness?  He's ready to be adopted!!


Back in June in preparation for Maddie's Fund Adoptathon, Cadbury's kittens were given to a rescue group for adoption.  During the Adoptathon, Hershey and Floppy got adopted.  I am sorry to say that Peeps passed away during that time.  I was extremely sad to hear this had happened.  My heart broke.  Was it my fault for giving over Cadbury's kittens to this group?  Could this have been avoided?  She was just sick.  Looks like JellyBean eventually got adopted and then left was Thumper.  I don't know the specifics, but then saw a posting on Facebook that Thumper had an infected eye, and it had to be taken out.  I am so sorry that this had happened.  Could this have been avoided?  Just last week, I saw another posting and saw that Thumper got adopted.  Happy to hear that.

Little Angel named Natalie

June 2, 2012:  God works in amazing ways, today through a 5th grader named Natalie, and her beautiful family, came over with a wagon full of cat food for my cat rescues. Over 250 cans!  I rescued a litter last summer and they adopted two of the kittens, so through her 5th Grade Bible School, her project was to raise cat food for ME! Amazing heart this little girl has, she thinks of others before herself. I remember last summer, when she picked out her kitten, she asked me which one is the least likely to be adopted, and she picked that one..she had shedded tears when she held her choice kitten, and said, "I think this is the one!" ...thank you so much Natalie and family! May God Bless you so much!! ~All my love. ♥


Pre-July 4 Pull!! SCOOTER & INDY!!!

I was at the shelter, doing Moby and Rigby's Health Check and talked to the supervisor about how adoptions have been VERY slow.  She said that even rescuers aren't pulling to save lives these days, and with kitten season still in full swing, they have to face putting more animals to sleep.  :(  This breaks my heart.  Each time I have to go to the shelter, I do my homework and look at the Needs Rescue list, so that I am prepared, just in case.  So I asked to see this one kitten, who had a horrible intake picture.  It looked as if it was in a drain pipe, or something.  The shelter thought it was feral, and then they realized that it wasn't.  I was ready for something bad, but had to check.  Good thing that I did, as I reached in to the kitten, it hissed and then I picked it up and it was the cutest, most adorable fluffy thing, that I have seen.  I told the supervisor to process it and that I would pull it and rescue it.  Of course, I couldn't have him alone, so I looked for a buddy.  I pulled this friendly orange and white kitten.  Both tiny, both in need of being rescued.

I took them home, and fell in love.  Sorry I don't have any decent pics of the orange and white, but tons of the fluffy!  I named the fluffy, Scooter and orange and white, Indy, for Independence, since it was right before 4th of July.  They are doing great, playing and cuddling with each other.  They are now buds!

It's amazing to see what you get after you get home, look at this Angel, Scooter and now he's grown up and ready for adoption!!