Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For my birthday, I always like to rescue an animal.  Just a gift for myself to save a life.  Well this year, in July, I rescued two kittens, Patches and Smokey.  Both have been adopted.  I rescued a little long haired chi, named Huey, who with Kate's expertise and networking got adopted.  I was at the shelter every day from Thursday through Sunday.  I had my eye on these two little poodle mix puppies.  They were on the Needs Rescue List, and my heart broke when I saw them there.  I had to do something.  Since I normally rescue cats, dogs are more of a challenge for me.  I was there on Thursday with Kate and we looked at the puppies.  They were so scared to be there.  I learned about the process of intake of a dog.  From the counter to the cold cement kennel, with nothing to see but walls and only to hear the large dogs barking.  Very frightening for a 6 month old puppy.  Thank God the girls had each other.  When we went to go see them on Thursday, they were cowarding down and backing up into the corner.  We were able to bring them into the daylight and into a working area of the courtyard.  We let them walk around and they wanted nothing to do with the humans that were there.  The shelter supervisor said that sometimes, this makes them come around and warm up to people.  I took pictures and then posted on Facebook.  Luckily, my friend, Marissa shared the pictures and we worked the network.  In the mean time I went back on Friday and Saturday visiting the poodle mix puppies.  I had heard that there was a friend of friend that might be interested, her name is Maria.  Maria contacted me and we went to the shelter on Sunday, and brought home a puppy!  Real fun car ride home, the puppy peed on me, drooled all over me and finally threw up on me!  All the thanks for saving a puppy's life.  Puppy's name is Laniaki and is spoiled and has a friend, Lola.  She is in a great home with tons of love!  I found out later that her sister was also rescued!  Great birthday gifts to me!

Enjoy some pictures of Lanikai!  Thank you Maria for helping to save this little puppy's life!

Puppy's Intake Picture 

How cute are you both!!  

Which one do I pick?   

I think I chose you!!!  

New BFFs FUR-ever!!

After her first hair cut!  

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