Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Back in May/June, in preparation for Maddie's Fund, the rescue group that I was providing my kitties too was getting all the kitties vetted.  I gave them Bentley to adopt out.  After the vetting, they gave me Bentley back and said that they couldn't adopt him out, because he has Stomatitis.  What is that I asked.  They said that the only remedy was to pull out all his teeth.  How could this be, he's only 10 months old.  I then brought him to a nearby cat shelter that does teeth cleaning.  The doctor there, said the same thing.  I wasn't about to pull out all this kitten's teeth without doing more research.  So back home we go.  I eventually, brought him to Adobe Animal Hospital, after emailing the main kitty doctor, Dr. Boltz about his situation. She looked at him and told me that he has juvenal gingivitis and just needs teeth brushing and steroids.  Woooh!

During this visit, we met a summer intern named Michelle.  She is attending UC Davis.  She asked me questions about Bentley, as he looks just like one of her kitties that her grandmother had, that had just died recently.  I told her that Bentley is up for adoption.  She was going to check with her grandmother and let me know.  Days later, I received an email from Michelle, telling me that her grandmother wasn't ready, but that she was thinking of adopting Bentley.  This was music to my ears, as I have had Bentley since January.  I have grown to love this little guy, with all his little antics, his little grunts as he doesn't have a regular meow.  This was meant to be, as she is going to the best veterinary school in California and he can get the best care possible.  Michelle came by to visit Bentley before going off to France to go work at a cow farm and will be coming home end of September, where she will then bring Bentley up to Davis.  As I look at the date, he will be leaving me and going to his FUR-ever home in a week and a half.  Congrats Bentley, thanks for sharing your time with me.  I will miss you lots, but know that you will be in GREAT hands!

Here's a few pics of my cutie Bentley.  He has the best manners, truly a gentleman kitty! Love you Bentley!

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