Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Back in June in preparation for Maddie's Fund Adoptathon, Cadbury's kittens were given to a rescue group for adoption.  During the Adoptathon, Hershey and Floppy got adopted.  I am sorry to say that Peeps passed away during that time.  I was extremely sad to hear this had happened.  My heart broke.  Was it my fault for giving over Cadbury's kittens to this group?  Could this have been avoided?  She was just sick.  Looks like JellyBean eventually got adopted and then left was Thumper.  I don't know the specifics, but then saw a posting on Facebook that Thumper had an infected eye, and it had to be taken out.  I am so sorry that this had happened.  Could this have been avoided?  Just last week, I saw another posting and saw that Thumper got adopted.  Happy to hear that.

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