Tuesday, March 26, 2013


3/27/13: UPDATE: I received a call today from Pippa's Mom.  Pippa had an accident, wandered out and fell down the stairs.  She had major spinal cord injuries, and would need a wheel chair if she were to be able to survive the fall.  Being blind and with these injuries didn't seem fair to Pippa to keep her going.  So she was put to rest.  Very sad for all that she had touched.  As one said, "her fearlessness got the best of her."  She will be greatly missed.  Once rescued and in her home, she was much loved, adored and pampered.  She truly was a gift from God.  Rest in Peace, my Angel, thanks for touching our lives with your wagging tail and smile.  Will love you forever...

Here's her story:
In February, I was looking for a dog to rescue and possibly keep for myself.  I had a few to pick from, as I like the white, fluffy doggies.  There was one that captured my heart, 12 year old, BLIND, 7lb, little Maltese.  My heart went out to her.  She was definitely going to be put down.  We took her out to walk around, and she seemed fine with being blind.  She was a happy little doggie.  She was going to need major dental work.  Since I am inexperienced with dogs, I was unaware of the possible costs for her dental.  I rescued her and picked her up in Los Altos from my dedicated transport friend and took her to the ranch.  Had a dog crate in the back and was all ready to have her around.  Within a few minutes of introducing her around to a few people at the ranch, this retired woman, Carol, fell in love with her and said that she would take her.  I only had her for about an hour or less and she had found a great home!  Carol has a HUGE heart, she has two Aussie dogs, three cats, 3 miniature horses, one pony, and a horse, and she wanted to take on a Senior, Blind Maltese!  God bless you Carol!  Pippa spent the night with me, and my cats weren't the nicest to her, but the next afternoon, she was picked up and has been loved and well taken care of every day since.  I see her all the time up at the ranch and she has the best home.

Thank you Carol for opening your home and heart to Pippa.  Carol got her while her husband was away for three weeks.  When her husband came home, he, as well, fell in love with this little magical creature!  Pippa has this quality, that when you see her, she just makes you smile! :)  Pippa will smile, with her tongue hanging out (since she now has no teeth) every day, embracing all that life has to offer, as she is much loved and cherished every day.  Once on death's door, she is now making everyone smile!

Love you Pippa!!!

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