Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's been almost a year, since I saw beautiful Cadbury, pregnant at the shelter.  I couldn't leave her at the shelter, and didn't know what the fate of her babies would be, so I rescued her.  She had 5 precious kittens and was the best Mom ever!  Her babies got adopted and Cadbury was my roommate, sharing my bedroom for a long time.  We had our routines and she loved the luxury of life, sleeping, eating and playing.  The other kitties wanted to play with her, but she was unsure, but would play with the older foster kittens.  She was a pleasure to have around.  She would meow when you entered the room and liked to talk to you.

Throughout the year, I had many inquiries about her.  I had always been protective of her to make sure she went to the right home that would understand her.  She could be crabby sometimes and would definitely be vocal if she didn't like something.

In March, I received an email, inquiring about her.  Since I had emailed many people about her, I had pictures, and videos to exchange.  This man seemed to love everything about her.  They had lost their Maine Coon to medical problems and had taken months to be able to move on and have another Maine Coon to love.  Since Cadbury was most comfortable in my bedroom, I showed her in there.  He came and met her, and instantly fell in love with her.  She is being spoiled, as an only cat, and lives in Capitola, where she is definitely well taken care of.

I had her for just about a year, and I never gave up on finding her the perfect home.  She is definitely a very special, very beautiful kitty.  I love you so much Cadbury and am very pleased to have found you the perfect home!  Miss you all the time, and love getting email updates from your Daddy.

I have learned that there is a home for all, just be patient and the perfect adopter will come along!

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