Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome Buttons & Boots!

Emailed the Shelter on Saturday about kittens, and asked if there was any kitties that I would be interested in, as they know I prefer to rescue medium/long haired kitties, and they said "yes."  These two angels came in and needed to be rescued.  I told them that I would pick them up that day.  They described them as uber adorable!  Since they were barely over 1lb, they qualified to be part of the KARE program.  I will foster them, bring them back every two weeks for health checks, and once they get 2lbs, they can be fixed, and then they can be adopted out.  My goal is to adopt them out together.  Once home, they were a little cautious, as they stayed in their heated cubby hole.  They are eating well, and using the litter box perfectly.  Each day, they become cuter and cuter.  Even though they aren't completely sure footed, they bounce around and are now starting to show interest in playing.  They are so tiny and so adorable.  They need to be picked up more, as they aren't use to it right now.  My friend, said look at that "button" nose, about the gray girl, so her name is Buttons and the boy is called Boots.  Since Cadbury had her babies around Easter time, I figured I needed some kittens this year for Easter.  Welcome Buttons and Boots!  Will update, as they grow and develop their personalities!  They should be up for adoption in about 4-5 weeks..

Boots' Intake Photo

Button's Intake Photo

Buttons: Just got home!
Boots: Just got home!

Happy Easter!

Eating on their own!

Happy April Fools Day!

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