Thursday, January 17, 2013


Nicky came into the shelter and was scared as most are.  He has the appearance of being mean, and didn't act friendly while at the shelter.  As a Maine Coon lover, I had to check him out.  Visited with him once and passed him over.  Later, saw that he was on the PTS (put to sleep) list for a broken tooth.  (Really?)  So I sent an email and my friend, Georgia, helped with the transport.  As I unloaded him, I asked her if he was friendly...opened the crate and he jumped right into his double kennel.  He had caught a cold while at the shelter, and was snotty and couldn't breathe.  Once on meds, he felt better, and started showing signs of wanting to know me.  He has a flat face, which makes me think he is of a Maine Coon / Persian Mix.  Very STUNNING!  Long, soft fur, which shows that he has been trimmed before.  He didn't like being held much, so he has been my project.  I have held him every day, as he loves being petted.  He is doing really well now.  He likes to play, and loves attention.  He is very cute and very young still at 1.5 years old.  He has stolen my heart, so I haven't put him up for adoption yet, as I say to myself, he still needs work.  He is just a love bug!  It's amazing to see their progression, what a little LOVE can do! 

Meet Nicky (named after "Just in the NICK of time")

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