Wednesday, March 14, 2012


BABY BOO, aka, BABY DOLL, went in for hip/leg surgery yesterday, however, his leg might be healing on it's own, second opinion will be required, so they went to do the spay surgery (standard) and didn't bother to do a physical examination to sex the kitten and after they had her open and starting looking around, did they notice that it was a boy kitten.  So now BABY BOO, is recovering from his neuter surgery, as well as, his tummy being open, so he has a huge wound to recover from.  Please join me in saying a PRAYER for his speedy recovery with less pain, for us to figure out if there is anything else wrong with him and to understand more what is needed for his leg/hip.  THANK YOU!  Everyone's generosity for a little, before unwanted, homeless, abandoned, kitten is WONDERFUL!

Here HE is, recovering in my t-shirt, (he hated the cone)

here is BABY BOO with all his little FRIENDS, you need FRIENDS when you don't feel well!

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