Monday, March 5, 2012

Adorable BABY DOLL!!

Baby Doll was one of the kitties that arrived this past weekend.  She is about 6 month old and just the most adorable little doll.  The minute you pick her up, she starts to purr and turns over for you to rub her tummy.  Her shelter listing said that she limped on one of her back legs.  Once safe at my home, I started to observe her and it seems as if she doesn't want to sit on her haunches, her back legs slide out from under her, so she ends up sitting on her side.  Something is not right here, so tomorrow we have vet appointment and will get some x-rays to figure out what is really going on.  I hope it turns out to be something that we can deal with.  Once we get her all "good to go," hopefully, we can find her a FUR-ever home.  She is just the sweetest thing!  Baby Doll's fur, is like a powder puff, and it is sable black in color.  What a CUTIE!

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