Monday, April 2, 2012

CADBURY - Pregnant 5 Year Old Female Maine Coon

As I left on Saturday, with two loaded cat carriers, I had to check out this kitty.  They told me she was pregnant and were possibly going to abort her babies.  Well, she is the sweetest kitty, so I put a hold on her and had them check with the supervisor to see if I could pull her.  On Sunday, I went back to pick up this gorgeous girl!!  She loves to kneed and make biscuits.  So happy that she is comfy, safe and warm, all ready to give birth to her kittens.  She has a quiet meow and is very delicate for the size of her.  CADBURY is going to make one great mommy and we (me and all the kitties) are looking forward to her having her babies.  Welcome CADBURY, you and your babies are now SAFE!!

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